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New Podcasts will be published as soon as possible each week as available. See below for more information.

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What is a podcast?


Podcasts are free episodes of a program available around the world on the Internet. Our podcasts are original audio recordings of homilies or messages for you. You may listen in several ways. We suggest one of the following:

1) by clicking on a title above, 

2) by subscribing in iTunes for free.

What is a podcast subscription?

When you subscribe, your computer can automatically detect when a new recording is available and download it for you. You may listen or view at any time later. There is no cost. When you subscribe to our podcasts using iTunes on your Mac or PC or using the Podcasts app for Apple products, you will receive the St Walter podcast updates automatically. With iCloud, you can synchronize your podcast subscriptions across all devices. 

To subscribe to the St. Walter podcasts simply click the link below.

You will be then taken to the iTunes website. Click the button “View in iTunes under the Church picture. You may unsubscribe at any time. You may also open iTunes from any computer and search for the St Walter Church podcast in the iTunes store.