Liturgical Ministries

There are many opportunities for involvement in the celebration of the liturgy. The primary ministry of all who are gathered together is that of member of the assembly. This is the essential responsibility of all - to be an active member of the congregation, to participate in the responses, singing, listening, silence, posture, and gesture to which all are called. We do this for the sake of the Body of Christ, as we are gathered together in prayer by Christ, who is the Head of the Body.

The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) tells us the general rules (or "rubrics") for the celebration of the Eucharist. It says this about the Duties of the People of God: "[The assembly] form one body, whether by hearing the word of God, or by joining in the prayers and the singing, or above all by the common offering of Sacrifice, and by a common partaking at the Lord's table." (GIRM #96)

Therefore, our participation is more than the singing and responding that we do in common as members of the assembly. Our participation is a taking part in the Sacrifice of Christ as it is happening on the altar at the celebration. For this sacrifice is a remembrance of what Christ has done for us, and at the same time it is our way of taking part in Christ's gift of himself for our sins, by in turn giving ourselves back to God and to each other. This has a great effect on the rest of our lives outside of the liturgy during the rest of the week. We live differently because of God's great gift of love. This is the essence of participation in the celebration of the liturgy.

After this primary participation, some are called to take part in special ministries. These ministries are to be of service to the community that has gathered together. They are each a particular ministry or function within the celebration, and new members of each ministry are always welcome. Take some time to browse through these pages. Perhaps the spirit is calling you. How will you respond?

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