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Monday, August 19 - Community

Monday, September 16 - Compassion

Monday, October 21 - Holiness

Monday, November18 - Faith

Monday, December 16 - Pastoral Care


Monday, February 10 - Worship

Monday, March 16 - SWS

Monday, April 20 - Finance

Monday, May 18 - Parish Council

In addition the annual Global Leadership Summit this year is on Thursday, August 8 and Friday, August 9, at Lake Park School - West Campus

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Fr. Mario's Report -- May 13, 2019


  • CFF Confessions went well, but we need more priests (10-12 for both sessions).
  • The School Gala also went very well, though the numbers are lacking. We made a decision to proclaim that night that the new building will be named: Lloyd Early Learning Center to honor Mary's 29 years of service as principal. We also announed that the 2 classrooms will be named after Donna Burke and Carol Woyda, for their many decades of school service.
  • Our Dean, Father David Hankus, made his official visit with us and inspected everything he needs to see, most specially our records.
  • We've launched our CMAA on a snowy weekend. The results, just like the rest of the diocese, was not good for us.


  • Preached on Holiness is Possible and that Holiness and Jesus in Me. We encouraged many Holy Moments as possible. Connecting the school and CFF also made such a great impact.
  • We have launched our very successful Stewardship of Prayer for Lent. The responses were very good and way more than last year.
  • Confirmation went very well. It might be the last time of me presiding it. I thoroughly enjoyed confirming young adults whom I have known for 4 years. We're look on doing these on 2 separate evenings, though we know it's a challenge for whoever the bishop may be.
  • So many Lent offerings were prepared by the Lent Team this year. I think that many choices compelled people to join. Numbers wre just amazing.


  • The Mission went excellent, Father Fragomeni was such a great preacher and him inviting parishoners to witness was very well received.
  • The ordination of Jose Cerna and his receptions in our parish was also very successful. His homilies were met by applauses.
  • Holy Week was amazing this year and with the inclusion of the 7 Last Words, it was even better.
  • We had brunch for area priests and seminarians to show appreciation on Holy Thursday, the day of the institution of the Eucharist and Holy Orders.
  • Easter Sunday was so glorious! We average around 1800-2000+ people every weekend in our parish. More than 5000+ were here for that weekend! 1200+ more than last year!  The ushers just stopped counting at the 11:30 Mass the people around the circle and those standing at the bell tower.
  • The proposal from the Leadership Team next year for Easter Weekend is:
         8pm Vigil
         7am Church
         9am Church         9am Lake Park
         11am Church
         1pm Church
  • The CFF Final Mass was so much fun!
  • First Communion went very very well, except for the rains (Which was a blessing!). Proposal from both school and CFF is to have 2 separate weekday celebrations next year.
  • Divine Mercy celebrations also went well.
  • The New Evangelization Summit, especially the talk by the author of Divine Renovation, Father Mallon, was very productive and prophetic.
  • May Crowning went well. Can we make sure that we do this at all Masses next year, like what we did last year?
  • Ribbons Mass was emotional for a lot of students and parents. The school play: Peter Pan, I think was the best ever!
  • Groundbreaking was such a joy!


May 2019


Joan Figley - Music Director

  • On April 13, I took 9 Children's Choir members to the Anima/Glen Ellyn Children's Choir Sing fest work shop.
  • Children's Choir will finish the years with a party on May 14, but will continue to sing for school masses through May.
  • Currently rehearsing with Children's Choir for all the special end-of-the-year masses. Music Ministry had a very successful Holy Week and Triduum.
  • We had a Wedding Music Session on May with professional musicians and 6 couples attended.
  • I am working on the next musician schedule for July - October.
  • I am currently planning music for the summer months.
  • There will be a music ministry meeting on June 4 to rehearse summer music.
  • The Adult Choir's final mass for the year will be on Pentecost - June 9, and they will have an end of year celebration at Pop's Pizza on June 6.


Mary Kathryn Warco - St. Walter School

  • School staff attended the National Catholic Education Association convention in Chicago following Easter. The teachers were exposed to professionals in the field from around the country. The teachers spent two full days growing in their fields.
  • Along with a small panel, I have begun the interview process for the assistant principal position. It is a long process and I am not sure the direction it is headed. Fingers crossed!
  • The school year is wrapping up and I so proud of all the staff for making this a great year!


Marge O'Brien - Bereavement & Pastoral Care

  • The Prayer Shaw and Bereavement ministies have added several new ministers. However. three new Ministers of Care are needed to take communion to the homebound and/or nursing home residents on a Sunday morning once a month.
  • St. Walter School children from kindergarten and 1st and 2nd grades made beautiful Spring cards for residents who are homebound or at Abbington & Sunrise nursing homes & Lakeview Memory Care. A huge thank you for showing you care!
  • The Hospital Ministry began visiting St. Walter parishioners at Elmhurst Hospital in April. For the last two years Hospital ministry leader, Tony Gnutek tried unsuccessfully to get a list of parishioners from Alexian Brothers. If you or a family member would like a visit while at Alexian, please call Tony at 630-893-4955.


Maria Pusateri - Office Manager/Bookkeeper

  • 2019-20 Budget almost complete.
  • Employee handbooks were sent to all employees,


Donna Burke - Discipleship Coordinator

  • We hosted the New Evangelization Summit on May 4. The Diocese cosponsored this with us. 52 people were in attendance. 6 other Parishes form the Diocese were represented. The speakers were very well received and the food and discussions were great!
  • Winter Alpha was very successful. The 35 Guests were extremely conscientious about attendance. Many are volunteering to work the next Alpha Team or to continue in a Connect Group.
  • The Wednesday "Catholicism" Group has just completed week 7. We are beginning to talk about what will come next. We might join the Legion of Mary to view the "Second Greatest Story Ever Told"
  • The Missionary Disciples Group met with Peter Newburn from the Diocese of Joliet to talk about what it means to be a Missionary Disciple. Two of us have joined Father Burke's Adult Formation Team and will be bringing back many new ideas for this group.
  • Community Commission members have started planning for the next Roselle Raises the Roof event on Saturday, October 12. It will be a Tribute to Broadway.
  • Plans are just beginning for Thursday, October 17, when Chris Stefanik from Reboot will be presenting here at St. Walter Church. This will take quite a number of volunteers. We will be inviting other parishers in the area to join us.


Valerie DellaPenna - Director of Children's Faith Formation

  • Baptism Ministry met for a year-end evaluation of the current parent sessions and made a few changes. Arnie and Kelly Alvarez joined the team so we now have 6 couples as part of this ministry.
  • Faith Formation ended with the April Family Mass (4/23) and the CFF Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (5/7). New textbooks will be launched in the fall so our Loyola Press representative gave the catechists a sneak peak of the online tools that are availalbe to catechists and parents.
  • Starting the process to replace the catechists that are not returning. Majority will be returning, however the new Family Program will need an additional 6-12 cathehists.
  • The Family Program has now been branded---We Grow Faith at Home! The family program will now accept kingergarteners, too.
  • Level 2 Parent/Child Confirmation Evening of Reflection/Information will be held May 14 at 6:30pm and May 19 at 9am.


Tom Hollatz - SWYM

  • We had a very successful Coffee House on May 5 led by our outgoing seniors. The Theme was "Be Courageous".
  • Registration for Totus Tuus is underway. We will be speaking at all of the masses on an upcoming Sunday.
  • We have all spots filled for the Catholic Heart Work Camp mission trip. We will be taking 12 to Minneapolis/St. Paul during the week of July 21-27




Saint Walter Parish
Commission Reports - May


  • No Meetings for the summer.
    Reconvene on August 19th

Parish Council

  • Welcoming 2 new member for the upcoming years - Ray Horn and Bob Donnelly
  • Office elections
    Chairperson: Kathy Cheatham
    Vice Chairperson: Tawnia Nowakowski
    Secretary: Marissa Perez


  • Goals accomplished in 2019
    Successfully hosted second Roselle Raises the Roof function
    Improve attendance at events
    Held first parish Christmas party in December
  • Updates
    Planning already under way for Roselle Raises the Roof 3


  • Goals accomplished in 2019
    Creation of a calendar to organize and communicate events help by Compassion ministries
  • Updates
    Identify children volunteers to speak at Mass on the weekend of May 18th about the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) fundraiser in November
    Event calendar updated through December 2019

Faith Formation

  • Goals accomplished in 2019
    Sucessfully changed name of commission
    Increased parent involvement in the Faith Formation program
    Updated Baptismal preparation program with 6 couples volunteering
  • Updates
    Continuing to work on Faith Formation curricculum to get even more parent involvement


  • Goals accomplised in 2019
    Diocesan audit
    Stewardship renewal campaign
    Phase 2 funding campaign for Early Childhood Buildings
  • Updates
    Announcement of over $1 Million collected for Serving campaign
    Performed review of YTD Financials and status
    Reviewed and approved next year's budget


  • Goals accomplished in 2019
    Demonstrate to parish that holiness in possible
    Assisting parish in pursuit of holiness
  • Updates
    Sponsoring Bon Lombardo to speak about the presence of Christ in Adoration
    Rosary will be prayed every night in May
    Vocations ministry noted that ordination ceremonies on May 25th are open to all. 
          If you have ever wanted to attend an ordination this is your chance.

Pastoral Care

  • Goals accomplished in 2019
    Provide care for
    Increase volunteers
  • Develop 3 new ideas for ministries/events
  • Updates
    Visitation of parishioners to begin at Elmhurst Hospital
    Father Clive wll be providing a blessing over the Sunrise facility
    2 new members for Bereavement and 1 new member of prayer shawl (non parishioner)


  • Goals accomplished in 2019
    Initate advertising for Early Childhood to promote new Kindergarten building
    Garner support for new administration
    Selection of new reading series 
  • Updates
    Gala 2020 will be held on Friday February 23 at Eaglewood Resort


  • Goals accomplished in 2019
    Promote opportunities for prayer and reflection to the parish community

    Improve communications with weekly Worship updates
  • Updates
    Begin planning for a ministry fair to invite new volunteers to worship ministries as we continuously grow in holines and joyful discipleship
    Review schedule for Easter 2019
         Discussed what worked well and what could be improved for Easter 2020