Joyful Disciple Awards

The 2018 Joyful Disciples Awardees
have been chosen carefully by their respective commissions

Rickie and Paul Kruzel (Community Commission)

Christine and Greg Everhart (Compassion Commission)

Noreen Horwedel (Pastoral Care Commission)

Tom and Lynn Figiel (Holiness Commission)

Cindy Kueller (Faith Commission)

Joe Schabelski (Parish Staff)

Paulina Engel (Financial Commission)

Tom Hull (Worship Commission)

Jim and Paula Paoella (St Walter School)

We are so blessed to have these people embody our vision as a parish! With the generosity of their lives, they have chosen intentionally to be Joyful Disciples in everything they do.

Come Holy Spirit!



Rickie & Paul Kruzel


Community Commission

My journey to becoming a Joyful Disciple of Jesus began many years ago. My mom was very religious and she encouraged me to follow in her footsteps. I started playing the organ at my home parish, Saint Bonaventure, after I graduated from high school. I also helped out at our parish carnival where I met Paul. He asked me out and the rest is history.  We married on July 11, 1971 and  were blessed with three wonderful children, Jeff, Michelle, and Kevin. In April 2008, we received another blessing when our beautiful granddaughter Kayli was born.

I accompanied the choir at St. James the Apostle in Glen Ellyn for ten years, under several directors. I began playing at St. Peter the Apostle Parish in Itasca after that and I am currently employed there. I also direct a group known as “Rickie’s group” here at St. Walter, most often at the 12:00 PM Mass. My favorite times of year, as a musician, are Christmas, the Triduum and Easter. As you can see music is a big part of my life.

Being a room mom was very rewarding. One of my favorite memories was making a cake that resembled a piano for Mrs. Figley. I also chaired several St. Walter Fashion Shows. The children in my carpool as well as the principal, Mrs. Lloyd, often wondered if they would ever get picked up because I would stop and pick up raffle prizes on my way to and from school!

Throughout our years at St. Walter, Paul helped out with Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Jeff and Kevin will always remember the help they received from Paul when he helped them build their Pinewood Derby Cars.

Paul and I were involved in Parish Food Drives. We enjoyed working with members of Trinity Lutheran assembling the Food Baskets. Paul would bring boxes from his work that we would use to pack the food. We chaired the parish blood drive for about 10 years. (Paul had the stats down to a science for all of the donors.)

We chaired the food booth at St. Walter picnics for several years. We had some of the best tasting food around town at those picnics. We have been, and continue to be, involved in the PADS program (over 30 years). I  enjoy talking with all of my cooks to plan the meals once every three months. Paul helps out tremendously doing the heavy lifting that I am unable to do. A few years ago Paul decided to get more involved in the Sunday liturgy. He signed up to carry the cross at the Noon Mass on the Sundays that I play for our group.

Two years ago, while we were in Las Vegas, I became very ill. During my stay in the hospital Paul never left my side. He slept in a chair right next to my bed. He still helps me out every day. I don’t know what I would do without him. My children have been so supportive , as well, throughout my illness, and all came to Las Vegas to be with me, even my granddaughter. She helped feed me and colored pictures for me, which I still keep.

During my illness, the parishioners at St. Walter came together and offered prayers for me during a prayer service led by Father Mario. Greg Everhart got the word out. He asked many of our parishioners to join him to pray for my good health. I truly believe that all of these prayers helped me recover faster and I felt that I had finally come back to life. Father Mario recently said that “You are a walking miracle”.

St. Walter Church has become a very special part of our lives!






Christine & Greg Everhart

Compassion Commission

Christine and Greg registered at St Walter in 1981, the year they moved to Roselle. In 1984, Greg became fully Catholic, completing his RCIA. In 1987 the Holy Spirit drew Greg to the music ministry and a lifelong love of singing in church. Christine was involved in children's faith formation as a catechist and in family liturgy planning. They both got a huge boost in community and discipleship by making a Cursillo weekend in 1994.

They've been joyful disciples ever since, passing on the graces they've received.



Noreen Horwedel

Pastoral Care Commission


Jim and I joined St. Walter’s Parish in 2000 shortly after we moved to Roselle. From the very beginning we felt that we were joining a faith-filled community and welcomed each time we attended Mass.

I retired in 2013 and knew that I now had time to become more active in the Parish and wanted to become more centered in my faith. In the Spring of 2014, after encouragement from both my daughter and other members of the community I attended a Cursillo weekend. As the result of that weekend I began my spiritual journey with Jesus and found a new relationship with Him and my Church community.

At the suggestion of Laurie Johnson, from my Cursillo group I began attending the weekly Communion Service at Abbington Nursing Home. I always felt God had a plan for me, while I didn’t always know where He was leading me, I learned to trust Him. I soon realized that by attending these Communion Service’s at Abbington I found the path that Jesus meant for me to follow. In 2016 I became a Eucharist Minister and am now a member of the Pastoral Care ministry that provides the Communion Services to the residents at Abbington, Sunrise and Lakeview Nursing Homes. I am blessed with the new relationships I have made and honored to love and serve those who are in most need of friendship, love and His mercy.

I am involved in the Giving Tree ministry, volunteered at Bible Camp from 2013 to 2017 and also lead the Rosary several times a month at Abbington and Lakeview.Being a member of the St. Walter parish family has opened up so many opportunities for me to become a Joyful Disciple. I am truly grateful for all the gifts I have received from being a part of the Pastoral Care commission.


Tom and Lynn FIgiel

Holiness Commission


Tom and Lynn Figiel and their four sons joined St. Walter Church in the fall of 1995. The two youngest boys transferred to the 3rd and 7th grade classes at St. Walter school.

At that time, we, as a family, began attending Mass every Sunday at St. Walter. Once we felt that we had assimilated fully into our parish congregation, Lynn saw an opportunity to assist the Director of Youth Ministry and helped start the YH Coffee House. Later, she became a 2nd grade catechist and did so for several years. Tom had been a lector at all 3 parishes to which he had been a member since he was 16 years of age. When a request was made at St. Walter for potential new lectors to join that ministry at our parish, Tom answered the call to resume serving in that ministry and has done so ever since.

Lynn participates in various activities around the church including the ministry of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Tom had long wanted to contribute to the maintenance of the buildings and grounds of St. Walter parish.  Since retiring from his full-time job in 2013 he has served as a member of the volunteer parish maintenance staff. This group of parishioners can frequently be seen applying their various God-given talents and well-honed skills as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and engineers to support our parish by keeping the parish facilities operational. Tom and Lynn are also part of the parish team responsible for tallying the weekly contributions.

Our regular participation in ongoing Cursillo activities helps both of us maintain a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus. Our lives center around our Catholic faith and how we live it out according to the Gospel. It sometimes can be difficult to do God’s will, but we remember that we share in the suffering of Jesus when we accept the challenges of living our faith.


Cindy Kueller

Faith Commission

My journey at St. Walter Church began when my husband and I took pre-Cana classes at St. Walter.  We became parishioners right after we married in 1988.

After we baptized our children, I became more involved in the parish.  Our boys attended St. Walter School. I assisted in the Stone upon Stone campaign, took Bible classes with Sr. Marlita, joined the Renew program, was involved with the kick off for 40 days of Purpose and led a small group for many years.

I attended the 3-year leadership program called New Wine. I have been a Eucharistic Minister, morning mass lector, led Morning Prayer services, and presented a 'Day of Reflection' for parish ministries and parishioners. I got involved in the Advent Tea 10 years ago in the grass root stages and was Tea Leader for the last 7 years. I have always been drawn to Matthew 25: 33-42. I try to live my life by treating others with love & respect, helping others so that what I do for the least of my brothers, I do for God. 

So what does it mean to be a joyful disciple? I hope in my ministries and my daily life, what I have given and shared has given others joy and hope and that they see Christ as I see him in them. Both in the good times and difficult times, I turn to God to guide me. By turning it over to God, he gets us through this life journey!   

The Advent Tea mission statement: 'to bring Christ back to the center of our lives during the normally stress-filled time of Christmas preparations’ appears to be happening. Many times, past tea attendees came up to me saying the Advent Tea does help them focus on the true meaning of the Advent and Christmas season. I do believe the success of the Advent Tea is due to the fantastic, loving, spirit-filled women I was honored to work with on the Tea Team. I am humbled to receive the Joyful Disciple Award and I am truly blessed by God to be able to call all of you friends. 



      Joe Schabelski

         Parish Staff


Joe Schabelski and his wife, Linda, have been parishioners of St. Walter Church since December, 1972. Joe’s main ministry has been as a member of the Knights of Columbus, which he has been a part of for the last 40 years. He has held a variety of leadership positions and has served as Grand Knight twice.

He also serves as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for many years. It gives him great joy to see the faces of the community as they receive Jesus. In the past, he has assisted with Scouts and the Confirmation Program.

Joe gives of himself so freely whenever there is a need at the parish.  By trade, he is a carpenter but at St. Walter Church, he is a “Jack of all trades”.  He is called upon to BBQ for parish events, move priests, build shelves, fix kneelers, hang banners, buy and secure benches, fix doors that won’t stay open or closed, pick up orders, deliver food to the food pantry, represent St. Walter at Outreach projects like delivering backpacks for Mission Church and delivering coats to St. Angela school. The most important and respected of Joe’s attributes is that he never says “no”.  He always seems to find or make the time for whatever the need might be.

Joe has followed Jesus since he was a small child. His “busha,”(grandmother) was a key part of his early faith formation and development. She did such a good job, for today Joe follows Jesus by generously giving of his time wherever and whenever needed and tries to serve as a role model and support for his family, especially his grandchildren, as they grow in their faith.  So many people experience Jesus in Joe Schabelski.



Paulina Engel

Financial Commission


Paulina Engel epitomizes the term Joyful Disciple. Paulina found her way to St. Walter parish some 30 years ago when she and her husband James visited his family in Roselle at Christmastime.  They started their life together in Texas, then moved to Massachusetts, and each year she would attend Christmas service at St. Walter. So, when they moved to Roselle 10 years ago, the parish felt like home to her already.
Paulina is a Eucharistic Minister and Greeter Ministry coordinator. She has spent countless hours involved with the annual Advent Tea program donating her artistic talents to the event. She is also a regular participant in the Monday Night Rosary program and is a petal for Father Marcin as a part of the Daisy Movement for Priests.  As a Greeter, Paulina sees Jesus in the eyes of those who enter St. Walter and does her best to convey her love for Him by welcoming all with her vibrant smile and an enthusiastic “Hello!”  She recently began her journey of becoming a Spiritual Director and will be completing this program in July.  Her goal as a Spiritual Director will be to help others as they seek to build their relationship with God.    

When Paulina is in the Narthex as a Greeter, her joy is overflowing. You will often find her meeting new people and offering help for random needs.  Paulina is a model of Christian Community. You will know her by her smile and her accent.

Please join us in congratulating Paulina for this Joyful Disciple recognition.

Tom Hull

Worship Commission

I am a native of Chicago having grown up on the city’s southwest side near Sox Park.  I attended grade school at St. Joseph Military Academy in LaGrange Park.  After one year at Campion Jesuit High School in Wisconsin, I moved to Paris, Illinois where I graduated from Paris High School in 1969. I attended Eastern Illinois University where I met my future wife Sue.  After three years, I transferred to the University of Illinois where I completed a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering. I was also awarded a B.S Degree from Eastern Illinois as a part of the program.

In 1974 I married Sue and we moved to Roselle in 1983. We became members of St. Walter Church soon after.  We have three children and 4 granddaughters, all living in Florida. After 33 years as an Electrical Engineer I retired in 2009. All my career was in the field of designing cellular phones and network equipment at Motorola.

I have been part of the St. Walter Music Ministry for many years as a musician and supporting the sound system technical needs.  I have also helped with the sound system in the St. Walter School gym, mostly in a maintenance capacity.

In retirement, I give of my time to port Fr Mario’s vision to advance the technology of the Church. For example,  I have been producing the weekly podcasts which now number over 100 since we began more than 2 years ago.  I also wrote the technical proposal to install internet access in the Church as well as the recently launched video streaming service.  

I enjoy these contributions very much as I see this as a way to help the Church grow in our changing times. 

We are most grateful to this Joyful Disciple for all that he gives to St. Walter Church. Tom continues to serve the parish in many, many “behind the scenes”



Jim and Paula Paoella

St Walter School

We are most honored to be acknowledged as Joyful Disciples by the school commission.  Our years as a St. Walter School family, 1996 to 2011, were truly joy-filled. We were thankful for the strong foundation of faith that strengthened our family during our years there, and we continue to regard St. Walter School as one of the guiding influences in our children’s lives. Jim was honored to serve on the school board for a number of years, and I assisted with various volunteer efforts, including the library, Market Day, preschool, and children’s choir.

Knowing that the school is a ministry of the parish, we remain most thankful to continue to call St. Walter “home,” and to have been able to serve in other ministries, including PADs, Children’s Faith Formation, the Giving Tree, and the Finance Committee. Our time at the Faith Network Desk allows us to connect with old friends and welcome new ones, and reminds us that we really do receive more than we give when we serve.

All around us at St. Walter Parish we see Joyful Disciples—people who give selflessly of their time and resources, serving others, and praying for us all. While we have served in our way, so many others have done much more. We are humbled by this award, and thankful for the gift of our community.



The 2017 Joyful Disciples Awardees
have been chosen carefully by their respective commissions

Christine and Olivia Essary (School Board Commission)

John Kornacker (Faith Commission)

Frank and Rose Montefalco (Finance Commission)

Marie Weyrich (Pastoral Care Commission)

Judy McGuire (Compassion Commission)

Gus and Jean Dalbis (Worship Commission)

Don and Carol Carani (Community Commission)

John Baumgart (Holiness Commission)

Mary Lloyd (Parish Council)

We are so blessed to have these people embody our vision as a parish! With the generosity of their lives, they have chosen intentionally to be Joyful Disciples in everything they do.

Come Holy Spirit!

Christine and Olivia Essary
St. WalterSchool Board Commission

I have been at St. Walter Parish for 15 years and St. Walter School for 11 years.

In 2008 I tragically lost my husband to a heart attack. Olivia was 5 years old at the time. This is when I personally sat down with Father Mario for the first time to discuss my husband’s funeral. Father Mario not only consoled me but restored my Faith in God by telling me that with prayer and strength I would get through this.

St. Walter Parish, the joyful community and school, reached out to my daughter and I in such a way that I will forever be thankful.

I have dedicated the past 11 years to St. Walter School by volunteering. I have co-chaired the school Book Fair; co- chaired the Santa’s Workshop; and co-chaired the decorating committee for the Annual Gala.

I have also taken part in helping the Art and Environment Ministry to decorate the church. Olivia has been honored for Outstanding Service as an Altar Server. She is always willing to help out in any situation.

We consider St Walter’s our home. It is our place to come and worship with our FAITH, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS

We truly are Joyful Disciples! We BELIEVE!.









How has being involved in ministry at St. Walter Parish helped to enrich your life and bring you closer to the Lord Jesus?

As a Catechist, my study, coupled with a lot of prayer and preparation in order to present the teachings of our Faith to the Confirmation candidates is certainly a means of growth for me. Through this I continue to develop my love for the Sacraments, Scripture and Sacred Tradition that comprise the Catholic Faith.

As a Lector, I have a love for the Liturgy of the Word and how we are fed by both the word and Sacrament at Mass.  This has grown over the years and is very humbling. The more you think you have learned in Scripture, there is always so much more. I read the daily Mass readings regularly whether or not I attend Mass.  Daily devotional readings and parish Sharing the Word sessions also help bring Scripture alive for me.

As a SWYM volunteer, I receive far more than I could ever give. The energy our teens have is amazing and contagious. They are enthusiastic about their lives and the challenges they face.  They also demonstrate a love for one another. I am both amazed and humbled as they witness to the joys and challenges in their lives, something I would never have done at their age.

As a member of the Cursillo community, weekly meetings with my brothers in Christ promote an accountability of how we are living our Faith through our Piety, Study and Action. We love and support one another.



Rose and Frank Montefalco are extremely humbled to have been chosen for this award. They often repeat, “We don’t know what we did to deserve it.”

Rose learned sign language and for many years signed Masses at St. Walter Parish to assist their son, Victor, and other hearing impaired parishioners. Both Rose and Frank have been an integral part of the parish, since they moved into their home almost 50 years ago. Frank has been an usher for over 35 years and a Knight for over 25 years.  Last May, Frank received an award at the annual Diocesan Knights of Columbus, Victor Cardosi recognition ceremony for his continuous support of vocations, pro-life and the food pantry.

Rose has been a strong supporter of Misericordia, most often recognized for her fund raising by selling raffle tickets to support the Annual Misericordia Gala, and for her support of the Misericordia Candy Day.

This year Rose and Frank are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary.

Congratulations Rose and Frank, and thank you for your years of ministering as
Joyful Disciples here at St. Walter!







Pastoral Care started with Sister Ann in the early 80’s shortly after Bob and I moved to Roselle with our family.  Sister Ann trained and coached me to be a Minister of Care.  I am still in the ministry today.  Over the years, I have ministered to many beautiful people having their own personalities and needs.

Later, Caroline Karpinski walked into my life. Caroline took me under her wing and got me involved in the Bereavement ministry.  I not only helped with funerals but Caroline trained me to prepare the Mass with the families. Since then I have helped whenever needed.

Abbington has a Communion Service every Tuesday morning and I minister one Tuesday a month at this rehab / nursing home.

My husband, Bob, and I have also been involved in other ministries in the parish over the years.

We live by:  “Here I am Lord. Is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night.  I will go Lord, if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart.”

It is a privilege to humbly bring Jesus to the home bound and to Abbington. When I minister at funerals or sit with a family planning the Mass,I am hoping to console them as Jesus would have. I love my church and community and want to bring that same love to the people I minister to.

God provides the opportunity.It is there to take.”

Judy McGuire



My involvement in St. Walter parish life has evolved over the 20+ years I have been a Parishioner. When I first came to St. Walter, I was still teaching full time so my time for ministry was limited. I had been a Eucharistic Minister at St. Matthew in Schaumburg, so I decided to branch out and become a minister of care, visiting Abbington Nursing Home and a few homebound parishioners. I did that for 17 years until I quit to take care of a dying cousin, and received so many blessings from that ministry. I saw Jesus in those whom I visited. It was a hard ministry, but those people brought me so much joy. They were so grateful for a visit, and so glad to see someone from St. Walter. I felt I was doing God’s work. Even when I didn’t feel like going, I always left them feeling so blessed. 

After I retired, I was able to get more involved in the parish. I joined the Faith Network Desk when it was originally formed ten years ago, and it has kept me current on all the activities of the parish all these years. I love meeting the people who are new to St. Walter, greeting all those I know in the parish, and serving everyone by answering questions, providing assistance, and communicating with those who want to join a ministry, leave a message or whatever. I love to help in any way that I can. It has brought me closer to the people of St. Walter, and made me more aware of the activities and needs of our parish and parishioners.

I also served on the Parish Council, was a Confirmation catechist, and am very active in S.A.M. and Cursillo. These have all brought me closer to Jesus as I have grown spiritually and personally through my involvement with these groups. There are so many leaders and models here at St. Walter. I have become aware of our parish as a large family community serving all ages; the seniors, the teens, children and parents, as well as singles, young and not so young. We have many activities to provide for all the needs of our many diverse groups. It is here in this place that I found a spiritual home, one that I had searched for, for many years. Jesus kept me seeking until I finally came here and met so many wonderful people to grow with spiritually. It began with a small Renew group. I felt I belonged here from day one. I have met so many people here who have led me on my spiritual path which has enriched my life so much. I love the liturgies, the music, the homilies, and all the spiritual opportunities to pray and grow in love for Jesus and Mary. I most recently joined the bereavement ministry where I feel I can serve those going through the pain of loss. It is a privilege to walk with people at such a vulnerable and difficult time in their lives. I know I appreciated those who walked with me during some of my sorrowful times.

 I think of the song, “Surely the Presence of the Lord is in this Place,” when I think of St. Walter. We have had some difficult times, some changes and transitions, but overall, it is the best parish I have ever been a part of, and I have moved around a lot in my life. My involvement here in this parish has made my life as a Catholic come alive. It has made me a more Joyful Disciple. It has led me to retreats and pilgrimages and ever seeking to learn more and more. It has led me to become an affiliate of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary. I am so grateful to be a member of this vibrant parish.








  • I always attended Catholic School and was taught the importance of serving others. I still love serving others to this day.
  • My involvement has brought me closer to God and to the Blessed Mother who I pray to daily.
  • Impressive short story by Jean about Gus: “On the night Jean first met Gus, it was a snowstorm and he helped another man dig his car out of the snow.” His desire to help others left a lasting impression on her even after 59 years of marriage.


  • I love the feeling of community in the church. I would be lost without the church and the parish community. I feel that serving the parish is a way of giving back to the church for all that it has given to me.
  • Like many, I am concerned about the role of faith and religion among younger generations and I see my service as a way to pass on the importance of church and faith life.

In addition, both Jean and Gus have loved being involved outside of the church. They always volunteered to help with activities for their children and grandchildren. When the Bloomingdale Park District was no longer able to afford a football program, Gus and several other men started the Bloomingdale Bears. Gus served 9 years as the president of the organization and Jean was very involved with the cheerleading and dance programs.

It is most evident that both Jean and Gus have always been Joyful Disciples, helping and serving others for the love of God.



Don and Carol Carani have been parishioners of St. Walter Parish since 1962. All five of their children graduated from St Walter School. They have been active in numerous organizations such as the Council of Catholic Women (CCW), Seasoned Adult Ministry (SAM), Vocation Ministry and the Holy Name Society.

Below are a few “Little Known Facts” that they kindly shared with us:

  • In the 1970's our Holy Name Society had a softball team that played other parishes within the Diocese.Fr. Mac was our "star" left-handed pitcher.
  • Along with Larry Wilborn and our combined "kid squad", we made numerous trips to Appalachia with parish donationsof cash, food and clothing.
  • We have been Communion Ministers and Mass Lectors since the programs began in the 1970's while Fr. Bill Smith was Pastor.
  • Carol served as school secretary in the early 1980's. Don was Holy Name Society President.
  • We moved out of state for a short period of time but came back to "Our Home" at St. Walter's and re- sumed involvement including Communion Minister, Lector, Vocation Ministry and S.A.M. Current health concerns have caused us to cut back but we continue to support parish initiatives.


Don & Carol Carani





How did you become involved in Ministry?

I started as an usher, then joined the Knights of Columbus and coached NWSRA Special Olympics in many sports. After I made a Cursillo weekend, which was very powerful, I became a Eucharistic Minister, a lector and a server at daily mass. I became a Minister of Care, a P.A.D.S. helper and a choir member.  Recently I began praying a weekly Daisy for one of our priests and I help out around the church campus with odd jobs especially electri- cal. Through all of this, I have met many good people and the spiritual well-being I receive is great.

How has your involvement brought you closer to Jesus?

St. Walter parish life has brought me closer to Jesus, through interaction with good, holy men and women that I have met through Cursillo, Knights of Columbus, special studies groups that meet in homes and all of the ministries that I am a part of.

How has Jesus become more present in your life from your involvement in the parish?

Jesus has become more present in my daily life in service not only at St. Walter but at P.A.D.S. and Special Olympics. I can see and feel Jesus in others as I humble myself in each different situation.

How has your commitment to your fellow parishioners, demonstrated by your actions and prayer here at St. Walter Parish helped to enrich your own spiritual well-being?

My commitment to my fellow parish, demonstrated by my actions and prayer at St. Walter has helped
enrich my own spiritual well-being.  I am a daily Mass attendee. This alone is very enriching.  If I add a rosary a day there is a noticeable difference. The power of prayer and putting family, friends and parishioners as the recipients makes my day go full sail.






Mary Lloyd

Parish Council


Mary Lloyd has served as teacher/ principal in the Diocese of Joliet for 35 years. She has been principal at St. Walter School for 28 of those years.


Mary’s Witness:

I have been gifted to see Jesus in the face of this wonderful parish community.  Having the honor of working with our priests, staff, parishioners, children and school families has been life-changing and life-giving for me.  I find my faith deepens through the work of ministry. 

To serve others is a great and humbling privilege.  Companioning children and families through life-changing moments, those filled with great joy and those filled with great sorrow, requires that we, in ministry, are directed by the Lord Jesus, not ourselves. 

It is always my hope and prayer that I, in some small way, can make a difference by carrying on the Lord’s work in St. Walter Parish.  I will always be grateful and in awe of the deep faith, care and generosity of this great parish community.  I remain most appreciative, humbled and joyful to serve.