Recent Alpha Participant,
Rose Borre
Gives Witness to What
She Experienced


I participated in the Alpha series at St. Walter last year.  I didn’t know if I’d like it, if I had the time for it, or if it would be ‘for me’. It turned out to be much more than I expected. Quite simply, it was meeting new people for dinner who became friends and chatted about the meaning of life.  Fitting God into that is the game changer.  Boom!  Simple as that.

I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door.  You have great food for dinner (that someone else fixes, yay!) and watch inspiring and funny short videos that help you explore various issues about a tough topic---faith!  Can you have it?  How do you get it?  Why do you need it?  Then we have a discussion.  Nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong.  I loved that you could talk deeply or simply about ideas you have.  There is a great level of respect at the table.  Everyone’s opinion is safe and confidential and usually prompts great conversation!  I enjoyed being at a table of young and old, male and female, believers and non-believers.  Some nights I had a lot of questions and a lot to say, other nights I found myself just listening.  And that was ok!

I discovered that I need to keep reminding myself to work on my relationship (and friendship) with God!  Attending these Alpha sessions was easy, thought-provoking and a very cool way to meet people you don’t realize are out there.  People just like you who are trying to become better versions of themselves.  Give it a try. I'm sure you will like it.