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Year End Faith Formation Family Mass

All Faith Formation families are reminded to attend the year-end Family Mass at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, April 23.  Registration packets for Faith Formation 2019 - 2020 will be available for pick-up after the Mass.

Registration Packets for 2019 - 2020

Children’s Faith Formation registration packets will be available on the weekends at the Faith Network Desk or can be picked up at the Guiney Ministry Center.

Sacraments for Grade School Children

Do you have grade-school age children or grandchildren who were not baptized and now wish to do so?  Maybe they were baptized but never started or missed a few years of Faith Formation?  Maybe they wish to celebrate their 1st Holy Eucharist or Confirmation.  We understand and want to journey with you

Call the Children’s Faith Formation Office at 630-894-5880 to schedule an appointment with Valerie to learn more about preparing your child(ren) to celebrate these sacraments and to discuss your family’s faith journey.


What Is a Catechist?

The word catechist comes from a Greek word meaning "to echo". Catechists echo the Word of God to our parish children. They come from all walks of life and all ages: women, men, confirmed teenagers, parents, grandparents, singles, and religious. Catechists are not expert teachers or brilliant theologians. They are ordinary people, just like you, who generously volunteer their time to share our Catholic faith, values, and traditions with our youngest generation of Catholics. They are positive role models who help children grow in faith and spirituality. What an important ministry! Their gift has tremendous value... because through their words and actions, the message of Christ continues to spread throughout the world.  For information about becoming a catechist, call Valerie in the Children’s Faith Formation at 630-894-5880 x3019



Acknowledging parents as the primary educators of their children, we, the staff and volunteers, offer a partnership in echoing the Catholic faith for children. In order to assist parents and guardians, we promise:

  • To promote an environment of hospitality and Christian love
  • To provide a curriculum based on the guidelines established by the Diocese of Joliet and the principles of the National Catechetical Directory established by the U.S. Catholic bishops.
  • To provide teaching methods conducive to child development so that children can be engaged in active faith formation
  • To engage students in their own faith formation
  • To prepare catechists in their faith formation



In accordance with the Diocese of Joliet, St. Walter CFF uses textbooks that are found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

*** I am Special, Our Sunday Visitor

Kindergarten - Grade 6
*** We Believe, Sadler

Confirmation - Level One
*** Chosen, (Year One) Ascension Press

Confirmation - Level Two
*** Chosen, (Year Two) Ascension Press