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Summer Greetings!                                                                                   

We hope you and your family are safe and well!  While it is always our intention to have registration packets out in March, this year’s COVID-19 pandemic prevented that from happening.  Like all of you, we have been living at home and trying our best to support you with various online faith resources and weekly emails to keep you updated on happenings at St. Walter during this very unusual time.  You and your families have been on my mind and in my prayers throughout the entire pandemic. 

This stay-at-home order truly brought to the forefront the important and vital role parents play in the faith formation of their children.  THANK YOU for all you did, and continue to do, to encourage your family to pray and stay close to Jesus during this pandemic.  We know that parents ARE the first and primary catechist—the first teachers of the faith.  The Church entrusted you with that role at your child’s baptism.    It is the responsibility of the Church to support and build up parents—to coach you as the primary catechist.  Parents are the leaders of the domestic church and the strength of the domestic church is vital to the Church at large. 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the Parish Leadership Team to look ahead to what faith formation might look like in the future.  The COVID-19 pandemic is like nothing we have ever experienced.  Without a vaccine, we cannot ignore the possibility of a resurgence of the virus in the fall/winter of 2020/21.  The extra time needed for thorough sanitation of classrooms between back-to-back faith formation sessions, plus catechists not returning for personal reasons are concerns for our faith formation program.   The Holy Spirit is moving us in a new direction and the Parish Leadership Team feels now is the time to move from a child-centered faith formation program, to a 100% family-centered faith formation program for families with children in grades K-6.    

We know that being a parent can be a daunting task, and we want to support you as you strive to form your child's faith and moral development through example, conversation and activity.   Our WeGrowFaith@Home (WGF) program launched last year to provide interested parents the opportunity to teach their child at home.  WGF will be the model we use this coming fall as all grades in Kindergarten-6th move to this new format.  As you and your child read and discuss the lessons each week, you will have the opportunity to grow in your own understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ!  You will learn to pray more as a family and have the opportunity to talk with your children about something very important—God!  You will learn as they learn and the monthly Family Gatherings will provide opportunities for you to talk to other parents who have similar values.  You will gain a parish support system!

What does this mean?  Using the Registration Form, parents select one of four options available to gather on campus for the monthly Family Gathering (parents and children attend).  Family Gatherings (1.5 hrs) will include time for prayer, grade level breakouts for children with catechists and adult learning session for the parents along with seasonal family activities. The other three weeks of the month, parents use their family friendly lessons plans to cover the assigned textbook lessons with their child(ren).  Lesson plans take about 20-30 minutes per child.  By completing the online Interactive Review after each completed lesson, children demonstrate to their parent, as well as to the Faith Formation staff, how well they have grasped the content of the lesson.  The Interactive Reviews also provide accountability for both child, parent and parish staff. 

2020-21 Calendar—Available mid-summer Our WGF Family Gatherings (grades K-6) will not start until October 2020 to allow schools & families the opportunity to get started with the new school year.  Confirmation L1 & L2 will start in late September.  We will establish the calendar with guidance from state and local government/health officials as well as our diocesans offices.  All calendars will be TENTATIVE.

May this year be a blessed and enriching experience for your family’s faith journey! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or concerns.  We are excited to begin this new partnership as you take the lead in helping your family grow closer to Jesus Christ.  Welcome to St. Walter Family Faith Formation—WeGrowFaith@Home! 


Valerie A. DellaPenna
Director of Family Faith Formation    





Go to the Registration Page to find the following:

  1.  General Registration Form.  This form provides the information needed for our records.  If enrolling a child new to the program, please provide copies of sacramental certificates.  Parents have four (4) options from which to choose for the Family Gathering.  Indicate your preference on the Registration Form.  For the health and safety of all, once a session or grade level has reached capacity we will close registration.  Register early to ensure you get your desired session time.  Confirmation L1 & L2—At the moment we plan to keep the day/time of the Confirmation Preparation program similar to last year, with the exception of an earlier start time.
  2. Medical Permission Form—complete in full
  3. Tuition Form:  Get the best possible deal by paying all tuition and fees by July 15 with the EARLY BIRD TUITION!  For the third year in a row, we have decided not to increase our basic tuition rate.  Like last year, payment in full is due with registration.  See Tuition Form for details about a 50% down payment option.  In addition to cash or check, you may continue to pay online using our Online Giving link at  Paying online allows you to pay your tuition in full using a credit card/debit card!  Financial concerns?  Contact Valerie DellaPenna.  Please know that no family will be turned away because of financial need.
  4. Parent Volunteer Form.  This program relies on the generosity of adults to share their time and love for Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith with our parish’s children.  All training and formation is provided to help you succeed as a catechist, assistant, or other volunteer.  Join us as a monthly volunteer or 2x/month in our Confirmation program.
  5. Acknowledgement Form.  This form MUST be signed and returned with registration forms.