Welcome to the Facilities Calendar.

To book a room or event on the parish calendar, please follow these three steps:

#1. Check the Parish Calendar to see if there is an opening for your location and time. You will be able to review one month at a time (starting with the most current month). You may browse other months by clicking either “Previous Month”, “Next Month”, or “Select another month”. Click “Home” on the gray tab bar to return to the St. Walter web-site. Proceed to Parish Calendar

If you have any problems/questions/comments, please contact Terry Candella at

#2. Complete the Calendar Request Form below. This form must be submitted online. After you click "submit" scroll to the top of the webpage to view your confirmation message.

#3. Complete a Room Setup Form 7-10 days prior to your event if a setup is needed for Saint Francis Hall or for the McDonald Center (Gym). The Setup Form can be found at the bottom of this webpage in PDF form. 


Key Check-out Informaton & Room Setup Forms for SFH and the Gym (McDonald Center)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in need to check-out a key once your event has been approved, please contact the Parish House at 630-894-2461. Keys for the McDonald Center (Gym) can be checked out by contacting the Saint Walter School Office at 630-529-1721. The setup forms located below are to be filled out for Saint Francis Hall and for the Gym (McDonald Center). Completed forms must be turned into Maria Pusateri, Business Mnager 7-10 days before the event is to take place. 

Completed forms may be:

Form links: