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Reflections on the Stewardship of Giving

I find Tithing to be very comforting. Why?
When I commit to tithing, I know I am helping out those who
depend on us and those who are helping others by their
giving and thoughtfulness.
In my opinion, charity (tithing) means seeing a need and then
taking steps and responsibility to make sure that need is
fulfilled. Some people tithe by donating their talents, usually
without charge, or at a minimum, a reduced charge.
God has blessed me with many gifts: health, love, spouse,
money, home, auto, friends and the list goes on. I, in return,
seek to say thank you to God by Tithing at least 10%.

Gary R. St. Pierre

Like many of you, I was “born into” a good family situation.
My parents were loving and strong Catholics. They also understood
the long term importance of education and how it would enable
me to support myself someday.

Today, my wife and I are in the same position as our parents: lifetime
Catholics, strong Christian faith and a wonderful family. In contrast,
many people both far and near have not been “born into” the best of
family situations. They need help both financially and spiritually. 

We believe that the Catholic Church and its ministries are critical to helping
these families. Here at St. Walter, we have two recent examples: The Mountain
Top Mission and Feed My Starving Children plus a multitude of additional
ministries that serve a wide range of spiritual needs. All of these efforts
require financial support in the form of donations. 

I truly believe that God, has situated me in life so that I have “a little extra”
in my paychecks to financially support these ministries. Please prayerfully consider
your own situation as you plan your financial resources for the upcoming year.

Brad Stanfield


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