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Joyful Disciple

Ray Horn

Why am I a follower of the Lord Jesus?
We live in a challenging world where society urges our hearts and minds to constantly pursue immediate gratification and tangible rewards which always seem to lie just out of our reach.  Yet, even in the face of so much focus on the “now,” and all of the smoke and mirrors, the words and actions of a singular individual, who was on this earth so long ago and for such a short time, cuts through all the noise.  For me, words cannot do justice to describe what Jesus accomplished, the difference He made, and the example He set, all in such a short time.  I simply want to learn more about, and do what I can to emulate, this man who was clearly more than just a man.

How do I follow Him?
For me, I struggle regularly to battle my human nature and maintain proper “perspective” – separating my “wants” from my “needs” and differentiating what really matters from what really does not.  I work diligently to surround myself with individuals who are immersed in Faith and lead lives focused on Christian values and goals, and from them I try to learn as much as I can while also doing what I can to pool my talents with theirs in serving the St. Walter community and beyond.  The faith-filled in our St. Walter community are immensely inspiring to me, with their words and deeds serving as meaningful guideposts in my continuing Catholic journey.


The Tree of Life


With the installation of the Tree of Life, beautifully displayed in the Narthex, we recognize all those who pledged to our “Serving by Changing and Growing Mission”. All families or individual who have begun to fulfill, or already completed, their pledge are named with a leaf, creating a meaningful expression of gratitude. The generosity of these parishioners has made so many dreams come true, specifically: the new kindergarten building, the refurbishing of the worship space and the planned remodeling of the Guiney Ministry Center.

 The centerpiece of this display is the restored corpus of Jesus Christ that was in the sanctuary of our church before the remodeling in 1992. The stones at the feet of the corpus signify the “Pillars” of the campaign, while the different colored leaves represent the Seraphim (gold), the Cherubim (silver), Thrones (bronze) and Angels (green) - all generous partners in this great effort.

A special thanks to Knights Joe Schabelski, John Baumgart and John and Andrew Witmer who installed this striking work of art. Special thanks, also, to Matt Puchalski of Masterpiece Framing who donated the beautiful and painstaking restoration of the corpus.

There are nearly 150 blank leaves. These leaves can still be imprinted with the names of anyone who now feels that they would like to partner in the Mission with two years remaining. If you wish to make a 2-year pledge please email the committee at serving@stwalterchurch.com, with your contact information and and a committee member will contact you with details. If you wish to increase your pledge you may also do so, by contacting the committee at the email provided above. 

Paver bricks can be made part of a new pledge as well. The Serving by Changing and Growing Mission campaign will officially close on December 31, 2018. All requests must be submitted before that date.   


If you have ever considered the possibility of becoming Catholic, even if you aren’t ready to make any commitments, you might have a ton of questions. Whether you are baptized in another Christian tradition or not baptized, consider contacting Joe Pusateri for a discussion over coffee, 630-708-0612 or joseph.g.pusateri@gmail.com.  We can even meet at Starbuck’s.  First cup is on us!


There are many reasons why an adult may have not been Confirmed or have celebrated First Communion.  What is important is the desire to complete the Sacraments of Initiation, and learn more about your Catholic faith.  Contact Joe Pusateri to discuss your situation, and determine the best way to fulfill your request. 




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November 11, 2018 - 9:00 am
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Join us for an evening of faith and friendship as we prepare for Christmas

Friday, November 30
McDonald Center/Gym
7:00 to 9:30 pm

Registration will take place in the church narthex after all masses on November3-4 & November 10-11.

The cost is $20.00 per person and includes a "varie-tea of light fair, cookies and flavorful tea.

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Hospital Visits
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If you or a loved one is hospitalized at Alexian Brothers Hospital, St. Walter Hospital Ministers are here to share time  and camarderie with you.

Please contact Tony Gnutek


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