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Coming Soon to St. Walter Parish

     A New Deacon

We are thrilled to announce that Joseph Pusateri will be ordained a Permanent Deacon on Saturday, August 25, at St. Raymond Cathedral in Joliet.  Joe will be assigned to St. Walter parish and we are so pleased!

On Friday, August 24th at 7:00 PM, a holy hour will be held in the Church to pray for Joe and the 24 other men to be ordained. The evening will consist of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Vespers, silent prayer and Benediction. Come at 6:00 PM for appetizers and fellowship in the Narthex. 

On Sunday, August 26th, we will celebrate Joe’s ordination to the diaconate at the Noon Mass. Immediately following Mass, a festive reception will be held in St. Francis Hall. Please mark your calendar and plan to join the parish community as we gather to support and celebrate the ministry of this extraordinary servant and leader.

Please keep Joe and his family in your prayers as they prepare to mark the end of a long chapter of preparing for a new adventure as a deacon.

RSVP to Linda Wasserstrom on or before Wednesday, August 22.
Email: lindaw@stwalterchurch.com or Call: 630-894-2491.



All ordained ministers in the Church are called to functions of Word, Sacrament, and Charity, but bishops, presbyters (priests) and deacons exercise these unctions in various ways.

As ministers of Word, deacons:

  • proclaim the Gospel
  • preach, and
  • teach in the name of the Church.

As ministers of Sacrament, deacons:

  • baptize
  • lead the faithful in prayer
  • witness marriages, and
  • conduct wake and funeral services.

As ministers of Charity, deacons are:

  • marshaling the Church's resources to meet those needs.leaders in identifying the needs of others, then
  • dedicated to eliminating the injustices or inequities that cause such needs.

But no matter what specific functions a deacon performs, they flow from his sacramental identity. In other words, it is not only what a deacon does, but who a deacon is, that is important.


Joyful Disciple

August 19, 2018


Adrienne Worrell


Why am I a follower of the Lord Jesus?

I am a follower of Jesus because it is the only way of life that makes sense to me. I can’t believe that we humans and our beautiful world came about just by chance.  There has to be a God who created it all. And He sent is son, Jesus, to redeem us and to share in our joys and sorrows.

How do I follow Him?

I try to follow Him by thanking Him for the gift of each new day and asking His help in difficulty times.  I try to follow His example and help others through my prayers and actions.


Grow Your Kids

Children’s Faith Formation


Faith Formation Classes Beginning

  • First day of Confirmation classes for Level 1 & 2 are Saturday, August 25, and Tuesday, August 29. 
  • First day of classes for grades 1 - 6 are Tuesday September 11 and Saturday, September 15. 

Please contact the Faith Formation Office if you still need to register your child for ANY grade level. 

Are You Being Called to be a Catechist?

We have made great progress in having wonderful parishioners step forward to share their faith with our children and youth, but there are still some classes without catechists and assistants. Please contact Valerie in the Faith Formation Office if you have questions about joining the important ministry. Interested high school teens are welcome as assistants and buddies.

Tuesday, 4:30 - 5:45 PM session
3rd grade catechist assistant
4th grade catechist assistant
5th grade catechist & assistant
2 special needs buddies (teens welcome!)

Tuesday, 6:15 - 7:30 PM session
5th grade catechist assistant

Tuesday, 6:15 - 8:45 PM (1 night/month)
2-7th grade catechist assistants
2-8th grade catechists

Saturday 9:00am-10:15 session
2nd grade catechist


All God’s Children Welcome!

Did you know that St. Walter Children’s Faith Formation is available to children with special needs?  Call the Faith Formation Office for more details.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Begins September 9

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW) is an age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word offered for preschool through 2nd grade at the 10:30 AM Mass. No pre-registration is necessary. All children are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Just before the Liturgy of the Word begins for the assembly, the children are invited to go with the weekly leaders from the church to the school. During this special time, the volunteer teacher leads the children through prayers, songs and readings that are simplified for children.

The children learn about the same Scripture readings as the rest of the assembly. They are taught a simplified main message of the readings and are encouraged to share that message with their parents after Mass.

Volunteers are needed to teach the lessons each week, as well as to assist with the supervision of the children. This is a great opportunity for adults and middle school / high school youth to help these eager youngsters learn the Word of the Lord!

For more information, contact Valerie Della Penna in the Faith Formation Office.




Sunday, September 16 –
Monday, September 17

We will welcome the statue with a 9:00 PM procession around the campus on Sunday evening and hold a 24-hour vigil of prayer and devotions.

A complete schedule of Our Lady’s visit will be published next week and will include times for all ministries to sign up for a prayer hour.

Please save this date to join our parish in prayer for peace in our world, through the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima.



Tickets will be available at the Faith Network Desk Beginning August 25 & 26





Email us.

Religious Education
St Walter School

Funeral & Memorial Services

Youth Ministry



June 11, 2018


Men of Faith, Book Club


Knights of Columbus


Friends of St. Francis






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Saturday: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 7:30 AM;
9:00 AM; 10:30 AM; 12:00 PM

Weekdays: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 AM

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 8:30 AM

Confession: Saturday 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM and 3:30 - 4:30 PM. You may also call 630-894-2461 x3002 to make an appointment with a priest.

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August 19, 2018-9:00 am
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Fr. Clive

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August 18, 2018-5:00 pm
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Phil

Students are invited to bring their backpacks to Mass next weekend, August 18 & 19 for a blessing.

Backpacks are such an important part of the learning experience. They carry our daily supplies, homework, lunch, and other necessities.

All that we do is a blessing and gift from God. We will bless the backpacks and offer them in gratitude to God, asking for grace and blessing for our students.

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